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Weltmeister im Handtuchwerfen

Weltmeister im Handtuchwerfen

Im Jahr 2010 erschien der schwäbische Jugendkrimi "Weltmeister im Handtuchwerfen"

2010, 232 Seiten, Maße: 12,1 x 19 cm, Taschenbuch, Deutsch SILBERBURG VERLAG ISBN-10: 3874078795 / ISBN-13: 9783874078795


Im März 2014 erschien ein weiterer schwäbischer Jugendkrimi "Chaos im Kessel"

2014, 256 Seiten, Format 12 x 19 cm, kartoniert, Taschenbuch, Deutsch


ISBN 978-3-8425-1316-7

The Wish Dog

and other stories

18 short stories that will stalk your dreams…

The Wish Dog and Other Stories takes you into the realm of the unknown, the ghostly and the gothic, in a colourful kaleidoscope of half-glimpsed shades.

The title story, The Wish Dog conjures up a fetch – a lifetime companion much wanted; Harvest is a haunting reworking of Babes in the Wood; Sovay, Sovay tells of a Grand Guignol actress who loses her head to a dream of romance and returns with a thousand stories to tell to her bewitched audience; in Broad Beach a man who has had a close encounter with death has dreams that seem larger than life – what he wants most is to run, like the athlete he watches at the tideline each day.

Other tales feature a ghostly mansion in a Merthyr park, a lonely soldier permanently on guard, the angel of death and a would-be suicide, a lonely Inuit asleep on a mountainside, a row of small wet footprints on floorboards…

Open the pages if you dare, but don’t forget to look behind you.

For further information, please contact

Helena Earnshaw, / 01970 623150

The Wish Dog is available from the 18th September 2014.

ISBN: 978-1-909983-09-0